The Overland Adventures | Just another Overlanding Blog
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Friends promoting responsible overland travel.

The best thing about the off-road community is that it brings people together; and that’s how The Overland Adventures was formed. We met through a local Toyota gathering and immediately clicked with one another. We found not only a common passion for our vehicles, but for the outdoors and conservation as well.


Overland travel is a great way for average guys like us to break away from the mundane and challenge ourselves while adding a little adventure to our lives.

Since our coming together, we have teamed up and set out to explore our local wilderness areas. Along the way we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to experience overland-style travel the right way. We’ve refined our off-road driving techniques, sharpened our navigation skills, and modified our vehicles to make life in the backcountry easier.   We’ve also learned, and strive to teach, the importance of conservation and trail ethics to ensure that forest and backcountry areas will remain accessible in the future.


Our hope is by sharing our explorations we can inspire others to get out and challenge themselves to find their own adventures.